• Jag Time (Advisory) @ South Mountain

    Jag Time  (a.k.a Advisory) occurs daily for students and is a time for them to connect with an adult, build relationships, get academic support, and connect with the school. This period is important for academic, social, and cognitive growth of adolescents. Jag Time is created to personalize students’ experiences so they are more likely to engage in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Jag Time also provides teachers an opportunity to interact with students in a less structured and content-focused manner.

    Specific Information:

    • Jag Time occurs daily during 5th period.
    • Jag Time begins at 11:40am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It begins at 12:00pm on Wednesdays. The first 5 minutes are used to take attendance and for announcements. At 11:45am (12:05pm on Wednesdays) another bell rings to release students for travel to classes they have pre-requested to receive help.
    • Students do not travel on Fridays. Fridays focus on community and relationship building between students and their Advisor. Setting this time aside provides Advisors the opportunity to build a community of learners focused on academic, social and emotional success.