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    Name: M. Ellen Donahue
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Senior English (English 7-8) Culturally Relevant African American Literature
    Degree(s): I have earned an Educational Specialist in K-12 Leadership, an M.S. Ed with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction, a B.S. in English Literature with an emphasis in Secondary Education, an AA in Liberal Arts, an Associate's in General Education, and two endorsements, Reading and English as a Second Language. Most recently, I earned a Master's in Psychology, emphasizing Child and Adolescent Psychology and Educational Psychology.

    Welcome to Central High School, home of the Bobcats. My name is Mary Ellen Donahue, and I am an English teacher here at Central, where I also went to high school back in the '80s. It was back in high school that I learned from some talented teachers how vital reading and writing are in the job market. Moreover, my instructors taught me a love of reading beyond textbooks. 
    I see in my students the same desire I felt as a student--the desire to experience life.  One of the best ways to experience life is to read about the lives of other individuals and the events that affect them. Reading allows students to sympathize and empathize with a world outside their own. Writing will enable students to communicate their beliefs, their points of view, and their thoughts with evidence.  Therefore, students will be expected to analyze both fiction and nonfiction texts, supporting their opinions with evidence.  I want my students to use what they learn in my English class to read academic information critically and enjoy other literature. I want them to thrive outside the classroom in the career market, fulfilling whatever dreams they may have for themselves.  
    To help my students accomplish their goals, I make myself available to them as much as possible. I am available by appointment before 7:30 AM or after 3:30 PM and for individual tutoring during the 6th-hour advisory in my classroom. I am in room 305 in the southwest corner of the campus. Please check in at the front office and feel free to come to see where and what your students are learning.
    In my class, I utilize the District Senior English curriculum for English 7-8 and the Culturally Relevant Literature for African Americans' curriculum for students in that class; I use AVID strategies to enhance learning skills. I provide individual attention when possible and group learning so that your student gets individualized instruction. I expect students to take what they learn inside my classroom and use it in their content-area classes as well in their lives outside of school.
    For homework, I encourage my students to watch the news in whatever language they feel comfortable with to build their background knowledge.  Any other homework assigned results from not finishing it in class. 
    If you have questions or comments, please feel free to text me at 623.980.9465, call me at 602.764.7991, or email me at donahue@phoenixunion.org. Thank you so much for your interest in your student(s) education. 


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